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The Visit of a Government Delegation from Latin America, West Africa and South Pacific

On the afternoon on September 11th, about thirty port officials from Latin America, West Africa and South Pacific, under the consultant of Ningbo Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau Liu Xiaoyan and vice-president of Ningbo Polytechnic Qi Xiaoping, came to our group for a visit. The group leaders Mr Daniel Wu and Ms Zhu gave a very warm welcome to the guests.


Our Group Attended the 14th International Household Expo
During the Expo,thanks to the advantage product and price,the Union Chance booth attract large numbers of international buyer to visit and negotiate the business. After moved out the expo and accompanied by Russia customers ,the sales director Justin Fang and Sales Manager Shirley Du visited the their warehouse.Getting knowledge the customer’s sales product range and then knowing strengthen the further cooperation.
The Number Of Foreign Purchasers From Emerging Markets Increased Markedly In the Third Season

With the Canton Autumn Fair approaching, more foreign customers choose this period to visit our group. According to the statistics, we have received more than 120 times of international merchants in the third quarter, most of whom are from Hong Kong, Australia, America and Pakistan. The number of foreign merchants from Brazil, Mexico and Chile is markedly increased. And the top ten countries are Hong Kong, Australia, America, Pakistan, India, Germany, Korea, England, Mexico and Peru. 


A Seminar of Development Strategy

Our Group held a seminar of development strategy for the first time on August 30th, in Siming Lake Resort of Yuyao. The 48 board of directors from the group and subsidiary companies attended it, together with Mr Lin, the general manager of Hong Kong Feng Group, and Mr Zhou from Jinhua Government. This seminar was hosted by vice-president Fang Yongqiang.
Clothing Donation Activity
Our group has put forward clothing donation activity to the poor in Daliangshan District, Sichuan, since September 22nd. This is the forth time we start this donation, with an aim of passing warm. It is roughly estimated that 2984 pieces of clothing have been donated by our employees.

The monthly award ceremony is very existing. We always keep this activity because the award ceremony is established to recognize and reward the employees who demonstrate excellent performances every month. The company would give certain bonus or gifts to the excellent performers to encourage them to continue to exert themselves, which also motivates other employees.

The activity is organized by the different departments in turn, which makes the activity become more rich and colorful. Every department puts their best effort to prepare it carefully. The activity wouldn’t take too long and it often lasts an hour. At the night of the activity day, the organizer will prepare kinds of fruits and snacks. Everyone enjoy the delicious food and participate in the various parts of the evening party happily meanwhile.


The evening party is divided into two parts: prize-giving part and game part. We would declare the best Export Sales, the best merchandiser, the best buyer, the best group and the best department. The representative of the awardees would deliver their acceptance speech and share experiences. Often the experiences are well worth learning and imitating. The games come through the whole party, which enliven the mood.

On the other hand, organizing this activity regularly can improve communication between colleagues. We are confident that we would keep this activity forever and make it more characteristic and influential.

Customer Visit: 
53  Batches

New Suppliers: 

New Products: 
Hot products:

Multifunctional Stationery,
Christmas Lights,
Ceramic Cups,
Non-slip Mats,
Electronic Accessories,
Kitchen Supplies,
Children's Toys,
Skateboard Series,

and so on.


Canadian customer A.K.trade visit us in Yiwu office, and work with us in Yiwu market for 5 days, it’s his 3rd year to do business with us, very satisfied with our service.He mainly buy home decorations like plastic flowers, glass vase, desk deco and so on, order about $300,000 per year, we believe we will keep the steady and long business relationship with him.
India customer Mr. Fit visit our yiwu office and showroom, he was very surprised when he saw the big and beautiful showroom. Since his main business line is outdoor items like sunglasses, he picked a lot of samples from the showroom and then get photo quotation. He will place a small order in the first time, this is a good beginning for our business with him, hope we will do more business and get long term business relationship.

October 1st is the National Day of China, we can have a golden week holiday for seven days. During National Day, many people choose shopping, visit friends, go to some interesting places and so on. Certainly, there are also lots of people who choose to sleep close to their mobile phones.

According to the rules, all highways of our country are free of charge during the seven-day holiday, many people choose self-driving tour, which expects to save much money. For example, Rose Zhou droved to Changsha and Nanchang with their friends, enjoy the Southern Mountain Foothills and thick-day desert views.


Jay Zhao took his son for a "deep love" bike tour around the Thousand island lake. Two man riding 45 km, which lasted four hours. Father and son also meet next year to ride around the Qinghai Lake.

Jane Zheng took her package to Wugong Mountain, which destination he Look forward to already a long time.

Will Xu with his family fly to a beautiful and fertile island——Hainan.

Jiang Chui with her small niece Qianqian travel to the fascinating Jiangxi Sanqingshan. To be around nature is so relaxing , our family enjoyed a pleasant holiday time. 

During the holidays, a lot of off-site colleagues back home to reunite with their families. The end of the holiday, as chowhound, they do not forget to bring a specialty of home to share.

Let’s throw off the holiday syndrome, back into our work with a more full state!


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