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Our Group Participated In The 116th Canton Fair And Got a Huge Harvest 

The first and second phases of the 116th Canton Fair have come to an end. About 40 colleagues in 24 booths of our group attended this fair, including Sellers Union, Union Source, Global Union and Union Chance. Over ten thousand of products from thousands of suppliers were displayed,  including daily use items, household items, gifts and so on. More than 2000 customers visited our booths during the fair, mostly from Europe, America, Japan ,South Korea and so on.


Our Group Invests Weisina Import & Export Company 

On the morning of October 21st, the ceremony of Union Chance Co., Ltd investing Weisina Import & Export Company was held in the conference room of Union Chance, Patrick Xu, Vinson Qian, Ding Youchun and Liu Yanwen attended the meeting. Both sides agreed this strategic partnership would help to exert their advantages, which would also assist Weisina Company to have a better future, to be one of the most influential Companies in this field. 


Union Group’s Executives Busy in Study

Building a learning-orientation organization is an important weapon to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises of our group. Recently, our group executives actively participate in various learning and training activities. External trainings have many benefits. Not only can broaden horizons, but also to help master the latest approaches of management and business & policy acknowledgment . 


Welfare Activities Strengthen Our Advancement 

On October 29th, our “wild breeze” public welfare activity went on. This time not only our president Patrick Xu and his wife, 3 vice-presidents and union group’s staffs participated, the government officials from Ningbo Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau also joined us. It took us less than 2 hours to go through the 5 kilometers mountain footpath.


Our Group Organized “New Times” Fun Games Of Private Enterprise Association In Ningbo Tariff Free Zone Successfully 

On October 25th, The “New Times’’ Fun Games, which was hosted by Private Enterprise Association in Ningbo Tariff Free Zone and organized by our group ,was held in Jiangbei Cultivation Experimental School.


Customer Visit: 

78  Batches
New Suppliers: 
New Products: 
As one of the best cooperative client, PLANET is from Brazil, managing a supermarket. We have build a good relationship during the two-year cooperation. In October this year, they came to Yiwu to have a visit. As the host, we warmly invited them to Hendian World Studios to enjoy the  Chinese traditional culture.
The day before start off, we got the news that tomorrow is one of the buyer’s birthday. So we arranged a party for him, and he  hugged us to express his gratitude. They said we created a wonderful memory for them in China and we also got different experience.


Human resource is a company's core assets, our group attaches great importance to the training of new employees.
In October, our group increases 29 new staffs. In order to help them adjust to the new work environment as soon as possible, we organize closed training, quality development activities and counseling system for the new employees.
Two days’ closed training for new staffs
The training includes our corporate culture, professional basis and working skill, helping the new staffs get familiar with basic process of working and our group, assisting them get into the working role more quickly.
Quality development activities
These activities strengthen new staffs’ psychological qualities, teamwork, boost their confidence, help them get rid of psychological inertia and get into collective quickly.
Skilled staffs tutor new staffs
We assign counselors for each new staff to direct their work and strengthen their sense of belonging.
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