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Y customer is from Dubai, and his company was founded in 1985. The main business of which is selling food related products. There are more than 150 employees working in this company and its annual output exceeds $30,000,000.
Y Company has established solid business relationship with Sellers Union since 2010, and its main purchase direction is households and tools such as plastic items and glass items.
In the past 4 years, Y Company’s sales volume with Sellers Union has reached 2 million dollars .Y is very satisfied with the cooperation with Sellers Union and give us 10 points.“If the total score is more than 10, it is my pleasure to give you 100.” Though this is joking, it reflects the affirmation of our customers.
Y thinks that the staffs of Sellers Union are hardworking, young and full of energy and they will stand in the position of customers to consider all the issues. “So, they work with their brains, can provide better service and I trust them.” When we asked Y to give us “General impression about Sellers Union”, he gave this high appraisal.
Y also gave me the most impressive example of our cooperation: “We needed the glass vases which should use window box package, but our order quantity could not reach the factory’s MOQ. The package problem became the most headache issue. After a long time’s consulting with the factory, Sellers Union helped me to solve this problem finally. Now, it will not affect my sales.”
"But I still need more cooperation and support from Sellers Union. As I sell products in Angola, I need to pay from Angola bank. But the Angola bank and government have dollar limitation policy, it is very inconvenient for me to arrange the payment in time. So, I hope that Sellers Union can provide more flexible payment term for me.”
Although Y has come to China for many times, each of them was a business trip. Living in China and eating more seafood is his dream. “Dubai is too hot, I prefer the weather and temperature in China. My favorite cities are Ningbo, Guangzhou and Shanghai. If I have enough time, I would like to spend my holiday in Hainan. I heard that it is a famous holiday resort and many young people spend their honeymoon in Hainan too.
When asked the difference between Chinese staff and his staff, Y gave me a simple conclusion: Chinese staffs are the most hardworking staff in the world. If all my staff comes from China, I think my company's performance will continue to improve.”


Group Directors Visited Li &Fung Headquarters In HK
On November 7th,all 13 members from board of directors of our group went to visit the headquarters of Li &Fung in HK.During the trip,the directors visited the Li &Fung headquarters building,the working area,the showroom,the meeting room,the training room,the resting area and other functional areas.They were so inspired and gained a lot,thought that the space layout,the designs,the decoration and maintenance were in high levels,many special details showed the concept of people and detail oriented were worthy of reference.Patrick Xu demanded all the departments and branch companies to combine the practical demand and learn from Li &Fung Group of their good practice and experience for the improvement of work .


Our Group Held Board Meeting Of The Third Quarter Of 2014 In Hongkong
On November 8th, our group held board meeting of the third quarter of 2014 in Langham Hotel,Hongkong and it was the first time to hold the meeting out of the mainland.The meeting was hosted by our president Patrick Xu and all members of the board of directors participated in the meeting .
The Meeting began with communicating the feelings of visiting the Li&Fung Group .The board directors agreed that Li&Fung Group was a bench marking significant transnational company both in China and in the world wide and there were many successful method of working and experience that worth learning.
Moreover ,the meeting also discussed the international layout of enterprise and the necessity of setting up the presentation window in HongKong. As a foreign trade enterprise which was doing business in the world wide ,it was really important and necessary for us to promote the internationalization at the present stage.
Besides,HongKong as a international city which gathered the global sources,was the best place and first choice for inland enterprises to realize globalization.That’s why this time we selected HK to hold the board meeting.On the next step ,we would research the feasibility and how to play a better role in presentation.

Our Group Donated 350 Thousand RMB to Sponsor the Education and the Geracomium
Over the years, our group is active in philanthropy to repay the society in every way. Recently, we donated 350 thousand RMB to Sponsor the Education and the geracomium.

On October 30th, the donation ceremony of “Sellers Union Scholarship” was held in Yiwu Industrial and commercial college, Vinson, the group vice president, attended the ceremony. This is the second time we donate 200 thousand RMB to this college since the scholarship was set up in the year of 2013.100 students from the Foreign Language Branch and Commercial Management Branch were rewarded this fund,50 sophomores and juniors won the scholarship and 50 freshmen got the stipend.
Besides, our group also donated 150 thousand RMB to the charity federation in Fenghua City, oriented for building the elderly activity center in Yujiaba village, West Dock Street, to rich the cultural and recreational life of rural elderly.

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Our Group held quarter suppliers communication conference
On the afternoon of November 13th, 2014, the quarter suppliers communications conference of our group was held in Yiwu operation center.The meeting invited 60 representatives of the vendors to attend.Leaders of our group including Patrick Xu,Andrew Fang ,Jim Yu and more than 30 of our sales representatives took part in the communication conference .This is the 10th quarter vendor communications meeting that our group had already held since the year of 2011.For this time ,most of the attended suppliers were important and newly increased suppliers in Yiwu region in 2014 ,there were also some old suppliers that we’ve cooperated with for many years.



Mr Fangping Fan ,the general manager of Jinhua Boshen Artware Limited Company delivered a speech as the vendor representative .As he mentioned in the speech: both sides had kept close contact and happy cooperation Since cooperated with each other two years ago. Especially the settlement of cargos payment was always in time and never defaulted . He said that for the future cooperation, he would take in charge of the quality control and continue to ensure the delivery on time, and hoped both of us could be much bigger and stronger.



This communication meeting let the cooperated suppliers not only have comprehensive and in-depth understanding about our group, but also develop great interests in our group’s foreign trade supply Chain service platform, the core suppliers’ products displaying area, and cooperation on participating in the important exhibition on domestics and overseas. Most of the suppliers agreed that we had a great cooperation space in the near future and hoped to get win-win development.


The Fourth Interest Sports Meeting Was Held In Complete Success

The Interest Sports Meeting was started from the year of 2010, one time every year, which purpose is “Sports, Health, Happiness”, and it is aimed at providing a stage to all members for participating in campaign, building body, promoting communication and achieving happiness. The fourth interest sports meetings were held in Ningbo and Yiwu separately recently, more than 200 staff from all subsidiary corporations took part in them.

The theme of Ningbo Part was “Happiness Beyond Time”, the programs of which included Interest Relay, Stepping on Balloons, Water Sucking and Tug of War. The theme of Yiwu Part was “For Youth”, the programs included 100 meter race, Making bowling bowl down with foot, The Expert Marksman and so on.

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