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Peter:A Good Partner Is More Important Than Anything Else 

Peter is a customer from UK, his company was established in 2011, he started work with Union Chance in 2013.His partner is Helen, who is a hardworking and smart person in the company; she took the chance through Alibaba successfully. The purchase amount from Peter was $180,000 in the first year, the amount has increased as $287,000 in 2014, and now the relationship between us is stable.

Different from some customers who like to work with factory for lower price, Peter is more prefer to choose trading company. ”I am willing to do business with trading company, there is no factory as my supplier, because the former are more sense of responsibility and service, the workers are more careful , and they are more sensitive to reflect the problem in the procedure. Especially cooperating with Sellers Union, which is a powerful group , we needn’t worry about any risk and it is more important than anything else. ”He spoke frankly when he came to our company at the first time.

At the beginning of the cooperation, there was a main trouble on cost accounting since all the packing material such as paper card, OPP bag, color box, need to be customized, as lacking of the related experience, we lost many chances to get the orders. But Helen didn’t give up, she focused on sourcing the items Peter need quickly, recommending the new items positively, taking every detail seriously, and becoming expert in every step. As rewards, there was no doubt that she achieved the trust from Peter deeply. 

Peter have many suppliers in China, but he always give the first chance to us, he placed order to us even though the price is a little higher than others. ”It is worth to do this choice, a good partner is much more important than a good price”, he said with smile.

There is no complaint from Peter in the past one and half years, the products they purchase from us are more and more, and the business is growing up every year. We are appreciate to have such kind partner, and we will try our best to company with him whenever he need.


2014 “ Seller Class” Award Ceremony for Excellent Lecturers & Students

On December 29th to 30th, our group held the 2014 Annual Award Ceremony for lecturers & students in Ningbo and Yiwu respectively. Group leader Patrick Xu, Jolin Zhu and Tony Wang, on behalf of group, awarded prizes with more than 80 lecturers and excellent students attendance.

In 2014, the total number of “ Seller Class” were 57, including 36 internal training, 21 external training with 93.21 % and 91.22% satisfaction degree separately. Furthermore, due to the enthusiasm of passport training, the number of participants reached 857 with its total number 2904. Meanwhile, internal lecturers have made development for its member growing from 2- 43 within 4 years.

In the ceremony, Patrick Xu awarded the Agreement of Employment to 2015 annual internal lecturer and placed high hopes on them. Then, “Seller Class” published 2015 annual internal training plan and took advice from lecturers and study secretary for 2015 training development.We believe that “ Seller Class” will be better with fully support from lecturers and students.


Our Group's Lan-bridge Translation Club Was Formally Established

On December 19th, our group held a video conference for the establishment of Lan-bridge Translation Club. Group Leader Patrick Xu, Andrew Fang and other 40 staffs attended this conference. 

According to the restriction and eligibility of club entrance, staffs that passed ETM8 or other small languages tests or overseas returnees could be enrolled as the first batch of club members.

The Lan-bridge Translation Club would play a significant role in introducing more new business and foreign language talents. Patrick Xu said the establishment of the club is meaningful and the group would give fully supports in all directions. On the conference, all the members reached agreement on the club logo through a democratic vote and discussed our group’s mission, vision and core values together. The club members also shared their different and creative views on the club management and motivation measures as the blueprint for club future development.


Our Group and Yiwu Commerce Bureau Co-Organized the Activity of "Mountain Breeze"

The sun shone brightly and swept the chilliness of winter on the morning of 6th, Dec. Yiwu branch of our group and Yiwu Commerce Bureau Labor Union Co-organized this “ Mountain Breeze” activity, which aimed at both public benefit and fitness. Deputy director general of Yiwu Commerce Bureau Weng Jianping, discipline committee secretary Zhang Gang, leaders of our group Jim Yu, Tony Wang and others took part in this activity. 

We wished to advocate the idea of health and environmental protection with our action. During the climbing , we also picked up butts, plastic bags and water bottles which scattered around the steps and trees on both sides.  We firmly believe that public benefit is something that makes us stronger in our way forward. 


First Nursing Room Was Established for Moms

7th January 2015, the first Nursing Room came into service.The nursing room was equipped with single and double sofa, table etc.; there was a nice curtain separated each sofa.

In the nursing room there was a refrigerator, water dispenser and thermos. Carefully selected books about nursing knowledge were placed in the book cabinet for Moms to read.

The meticulously designed "BABY WALL" was the warmest part in the nursing room, gradually the photos of babies would be put on this.

For babies who lived close to the company to come to play, there was even baby crawling mat prepared in the nursing room.


The Gardener Award

Today we want to thanks some people in our company; they cultivate new colleagues in our company sedulously.


Here thanks Heidi Cai, Kenny Shao, Martin Hu, Joanna Yuan, Jennie Zhang and Alice Kong, this six “master”, Thank you for cultivating such excellent “disciples”. Based on the project of “Spring Silkworm activity”, we will appraise and elect three “master” for “Gardener Award”.


We finally appraise and elect out Jennie Zhang, Heidi Cai and Martin Hu for the first phase  “Gardener Award”.

Here thanks again all the “master”, thanks your work and dedication.



Badminton tournament of our group and Yiwu Industry and Commerce College

The travel to Gulangyu Island

BBQ trip in the deep mountains

A memorable trip to Zhou Zhuang Village

Travel to Huaxi Forest Park

A trip to Taiwan 


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