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Accumulation-Union Chance's Growing Mode with Customer X

Customer X who is from Poland, has established cooperation with Union Chance since the year of 2012. The first meeting between X & our sales team was in October 2011, the Autumn Canton Fair. They were greatly impressed with our sewing products, that they visited our booth twice that time. And we had great impression of their kindness & gentleness.

Customer X not only concentrates on trading, but also has their own factory of cardboard box; with this advantage they have their own regular and stable customers, to whom they could introduce our items. Their main customer is supermarket like Leroymerlin and other local retailers. 

Our main products with customer X is home storage items, over 10 different collections. They have their own regular collection with their own pattern; they introduce new items every year. Once they provided us a conception to develop one collection for women, one for men and one for children, we together turned this from conception to real products, and then we also continued this conception to develop some other collections to help their sales, there is more value besides single order itself.

Throughout the three-year cooperation, the relationship between us is some more than buyer & seller, they gradually provided us some of their other items to develop, not only our regular storage items, but also plastic items. They also provided us their buying factory information, asking us to buy directly for them, with certain percentage of profit; they are willing to pay for the service that we could provide for them.

They are quite busy and always short of time for details, to this the part of role we are playing is similar to their assistant, we prepare all the possibility and what they need to do is only to make choices.

To our surprise, in Spring Canton Fair 2012 for our second meeting, they brought us a nice book as present, with introduction of the history, scenery and custom of Poland. They expressed the importance of knowledge and understanding of each other for cooperation.

Up till now we have received totally 44 orders (containers), they name their each order with numbers and this is what they mean kind of “accumulation”, from which we also learn and grow up.


The 1st Operation and Decision-making Committee MeetingMainstream

On January 29th, our group held the 1st operation and decision-making committee meeting, with total 16 committee members as well as our previous board members Clerk Chen and Richard Han, and our president Patrick Xu hosted the meeting.

The meeting announced the 2014 business performance of our group and branch companies. The meeting deemed that in the sever and complicated international market surroundings, the amount of exports and management efficiency kept steady growth, our group had confidence in development in future, and meanwhile, there were still many uncertain factors for domestic and overseas economic development, and thus, we had to work hard and strengthen management and expense control,  enhance the ability to cope with severe situation ,and avoid operation risk and keep this favorable situation.
Our Group Held 2014 Candidate Report Meeting
Our group held 2014 candidate report meeting in Yiwu and Ningbo city respectively recently. The meeting jury was formed by the board members of our group,and we also invited chief inspectors from different departments and companies as guests with 45 candidate members in total.
In the meeting, the candidates showed their basic information,performance,capacity and feature,and future working planning,and especially, they made sufficient statements how to enhance the ability of management, how to strengthen the teamwork and create better performance with their enthusiasm.
The report meeting continued live lecture as the previous one,and besides, it added two new contents, comment of superior leader and human resources. It would help the jury and the guest know the staff roundly, judgment and management of human resources would be more objective and scientific.
The Party Branch of Our Group went to see Luo Yiran
On March 5th of 2014, during the activity of “building blue sky for flying your dream”, the party branch of our group promised to offer cares to a grade Two student in primary school named Luo Yiran, by providing tuition for her every year. 
On the noon of Jan 19th, we got in touch with Luo Yiran’s mom and went to see them. Now Luo Yiran is on Grade Three and she is taller than before. Luo Yiran’s mom is working in a factory near the school in order to take care of little Yiran more conveniently at present. The head teacher of Luo Yiran told us that she was a student of excellent in character and learning and even held the post of class monitor. When we heard it, we felt so delightful for Luo Yiran and her mom. The party branch of our group sent this year's tuition to them together with some stationeries. They hoped that little Yiran could work harder, grow healthily and have a happy new year.




The Forth Quarter of Suppliers Communication Meeting

Our group held the fourth quarter of suppliers’ communication meeting as scheduled in the afternoon of Jan 20th. About 60 suppliers were invited to the meeting, Patrick Xu, Jim Yu, Tony Wang and other business representatives attended the meeting.
The general manager of Jinhua Yachu Zhou Huazhuan and the Taizhou Jinga Wang Ga gave their speeches on behalf of suppliers. They said the two parties worked closely, communicated well and trusted highly with each other over the past years.  
The suppliers and the representatives of our group discussed the specific issues in the link of business, such as order receiving, samples sending, inspection, delivery, invoice making and paying. After discussion, some constructive suggestions were put forward,  we would implement the task at the appropriate time.
The supply chain company Youmao introduced the service of foreign trade supply chain, which offered the solutions for the issues of ordering, freight, funds, insurance, risk control and law. Most of suppliers showed their great interest on this, and asked for the name card for further exchanges.


Our Group Celebrated Off Year Eve

Off Year Eve is a traditional Chinese festival as well as the start of whole Spring Holidays. Recently, our group held rave Parties to celebrated it. We got together to summarize the achievement we reached and analyze the deficiencies of 2014.  
On the parties, all the staffs took part in the interesting activities and enjoy the delicious food.
The abundance of food and wonderful shows drew people’s attentions and made them intoxicated.
Group leaders made speeches to wish better achievement we would get in 2015.  
At last all the staffs chorused the song of our group to end the party and welcome the coming New Year. 
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