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11 de marzo: Partido Amistoso Chino-uruguayo 

En el día 11 de marzo, a las 19:00 hubo un partido amistoso entre el equipo de Los Lobos(formado de los jóvenes del Departamento 2 de Union Chance) y el de Los Uruguayos, el cual se jugó en el estadio cerca del Mercado de Comercio Internacional.

Uruguay es un país llena de hinchas de fútbol. De los tres millones de habitantes en totalidad, casi todos son hinchas de dos equipos uruguayos, los cuales son Nacional y Peñarol. Aquí también es el país natal del famoso jugador Suárez. 

Los dos clientes,Carlos y Pedro, son de Uruguay y les gusta mucho el fútbol. Después de tomar fotos juntos se empezó el partido enseguida. Fue un partido 5 contra 5 y hay mucha emoción de las chicas por saber quién será el gran ganador de ese gran evento~! Fue súper maravilloso y excelente el partido y a todos se divertieron. Aunque Los Lobos se jugaba muy bien al principio y entró 3 goles. Al fin se terminaron con 5:6 y ganó Los Uruguayos. Carlos y Pedro estaban muy emocionados y querían otro partido en junio, cuando se volverán a China.

Despues del partido, la amistad entre los clientes y nosotros ya es mas fuerte. Somos compañeros de negocios también somos amigos en la vida!


Our Group Exporting Volume Ranks 14th among The Ningbo City

Ningbo Commerce Commission released a list of 2014 top 200 enterprises on the importing and exporting in local area. Our group ranks the 14th, which excludes all the exporting date in other place already. In the year of 2014, our total exporting volume in Ningbo comes to $397 million (excludes the subsidiary companies exporting date in other place), and continue to develop with a steady speed.
Our Group’s Leaders Attend the Fourth Session of the 14th CPPCC Municipal Committee
Being the member of Ningbo political consultative conference in civil engineering and economic area, our group’s president Patrick Xu and the vice president Andrew Fang attended the meeting of the 14th CPPCC Municipal, listening to the working report on the work of the standing committee. As to the proposal of this meeting and the situation of the city fiscal support, Patrick Xu and Andrew Fang made a presentation at the meeting.
According to the agenda, Patrick Xu and Andrew Fang attended a symposium after the planning meeting. About 20 members from civil engineering, economic, science and technology, women’s federation and health care area attended the symposium. As to the proposal of this meeting and the situation of the city fiscal support, our group’s president Patrick Xu and vice president Andrew Fang also made a presentation at the meeting.
Zhejiang Province & Ningbo Business Council visited our group
On February 27th morning, with the accompany of Ningbo Business Council leader Gangyong, Qian Shixiong, Liu Zhouqun, Vice Director and Inspector of the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang province Chen Rufang and people from Industrial Department, Trading department, Comprehensive Department came and made an investigation on the foreign trade in the year of 2015. Our group leader President Patrick Xu, Rainbow Wang, Andrew Fang, Daniel Wu, Jolin Zhu gave a most cordial reception.
President Xu showed heartfelt thanks for coming to our group two days after the New Year holiday and giving the guidance for our trading business. We can also get a sense of care and warmth in such a severe situation for the international market. At first, Vice president Andrew Fang made a general introduction about our company's developing history, current situation and future plans. Then President Xu focused on introducing our foreign trade business development situation for the year of 2015.
Our Group Held the 2014 Annual Culture Propagandists Praise and Communication Meeting
On February 10th, Our group held the 2014 annual culture propagandists praise and communication meeting. Decision-making Committee members Andrew Fang,Lemon Hou, Kenny Shao and more than 40 people attended the meeting which including reporters, messengers and  the chief of the website from group departments and branch companies.
Our group always paid great attention to the construction of corporate culture,and be favored by the people from different fields for its steady foundation,innovative methods and carriers. Andrew Fang hoped that our group can keep pace with the requirements put forward by president patrick Xu,that is,vivid stage ,lyrical community ,cultural homeland and interactive media,improved journal quality to bettter display the corporate culture and image.
Our Group Organized An Internal Training For The “Sellers Union” Lecturers
To enhance the teaching level of internal lecturers, our group organized a two-day and overnight closed-off training. Nearly forty lectures of “Sellers Union class” attended on February 7th.
In this training, we invited an experienced trainer Zhao Haihe. Class involves training environment optimization, content architecture, the usage of training material, stage power and controlling, interactive skills, course development, knowledge assimilation etc. Mr Zhao possessed a rich experience in training, giving lessons lively, humorous and clarity. He brought various teaching programs to the class. Such as tap table, games, live comment, and team discussion. Our lecturers showed an active attitude on the class and shared their main course with the skills they learned today.
In this training, we invited an experienced trainer Zhao haihe. Class involves training environment optimization, content architecture, the usage of training material, stage power and controlling, interactive skills, course development, knowledge assimilation etc. 
Our Group Officially Launched the Charity Project Warm Breeze

Through almost 3 months carefully planned and prepared and with the support of Ningbo Government, our group officially launched the charity project Sellers Union Warm Breeze to care the Lose the One-child Family. On Feb 6th, some government officers, lose the One-child Families and our group leader Vice-president Andrew Fang attended the Sellers Union Charity Foundation donation ceremony and Spring Festival Gala activity. 

On the donation ceremony, Vice-president Andrew Fang introduced our group development situation and social responsibility. He said our group would spare no effort to support and help the social welfare activities. 


Our Group’s Love Donation Clothing Arrived In Liangshan Sichuan Province Successfully

Since November 2012, Sellers Union has launched the activity of clothing donations to Chinese poverty-stricken areas, which has been highly welcomed by all the group members. At the end of last month, on Jan 31st, our group successfully finished the fourth time caring donations. Totally 2047 pieces of winter dress, quilts, shoes were collected. These clothing that filled with love, was transferred to Yiwu Love Commune first, and then delivered to the recipient areas by commune.

Almost every colleagues of our group regards this activity as an excellent way of showing our love, helping others in need, especially the poor children and elderly and re-using old clothes. As of right now, the donations has accumulated to 5111 pieces, and helped many needy families in Sichuan and Guizhou province.




Happy Sellers, Shining Youth

Our group’s gala evening of 2014 to 2015 was held in Shangri-La Hotel Ningbo in the evening of March 7th. Employees from Ningbo, Yiwu and Shantou got together to have an overflowing, happy and memorable night.

Firstly in the party, 91 outstanding employees of 2014 were honored and shared all kinds of annual reward. Group’s Operation Decision-making Committee awarded winners with trophies, certificates, bonus and tourism tickets.

After Patrick’s speech, the evening party started with the entire staff’s counting-down and cheers and the performance of Win Honor to Sellers Union and Chinese Dragon Water Drum. The boosting music, shaking rhythm, splashing water and the charming light shining brought the audience to an inspiring, happy and warm atmosphere immediately.


Sellers Union Welcomes You gave Sellers Union members’ infinite affection and wonderful blessing to our big family.


Scene drama Princesses and Princes Learning Courtesy which used time-travel and cross-dressing performance is humorous and farcical 

In Li Dance Dating Customs dancers danced over bamboo poles and sang, moved the scene of young men and women sending feelings to each other to the stage.

Sea Water VS Fire Flame perfectly joint the flexible jazz and dynamic and hot modern dance, and won audience’s warm applause.

Sexy and exotic belly dance Dancing Sexy Ladies impressed everyone.


Content-rich and diversified art performance fully expressed Sellers Union’s talented and young spirit. 



I Have A Date With Lijiang

Lijiang is one of the famous historical and cultural cities, the world cultural heritage, national 5A tourist scenery sites and national civilized tourist scenery model. 
There are many places of historic interests and national customs in Lijiang. Yoyo Trip will take you to taste the special hot-pot, ride horse on ancient roads, walk and see various flowers and birds, rock ViaFerrata climbing, climb the Thousand Tortoise Mountain, view the Danxia Landform and experience the Nationality Yi’s culture and customers. 
You will enjoy the Most Beauty Lijiang with Yoyo Trip.

Scenic spots:


Lijiang ancient town

The holy land of Buddhism - refers to the cloud temple

Ancient Tea Route

The sea of Lashi


Want to know the details? Please contact the TEL: 86-574-27655597 


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