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Still water runs long--Co-operation with Customer RAJ

RAJ was one of the customers who have long-term cooperation with Union Source, we have been co-operating with RAJ for nine years. Always, how to meet our customers’ needs and making new breakthroughs on the basis of having stable orders from customers are our most concern. Generally speaking, we pay great attention to every detail same as RAJ and this attitude help us co-operate with each other. During our co-operation, we constantly strive for excellence and this help us form a deep association with RAJ and help us co-operate till now ...More


Fah. Thermometer: For a Better Life

Ningbo Fah. Thermometer Co., Ltd. located in Ningbo, which is a developed commercial port city with long history in eastern China. Our company set product, technology, management and other advantages in one, which makes us have good production capacity and stable basis of international trade. We have good production conditions and high technical level. By scientific management, we can fully sure to make high quality products in reasonable cost, and delivery in time...More



Our Group and SINOSURE Corporation Held the Semi-Annual Communication Meeting

On the afternoon of June 25th, Lai Dongfeng, the vice president of Ningbo Branch of China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation, together with director Shen Shuhuan and Zhang Jibo came to visit our group for meeting, leader of our group Patrick Xu, Charly Chen, Jolin Zhu, Daniel Wu and Juliet Zhou joined the meeting. The two parties shared....More


Our Group Leaders Went To Visit Ningbo Research Institute Of Marine Silk Road

July 1, our group president Mr Patrick Xu, vice president Andrew Fang were invited to visit Zhe Jiang Wan Li University and were warmly welcomed by  principal Ying Min  ,vice principal Yan Guoqing, principal Meng Xiangxia of business college, Wang Xu secretary fof Language college, Xu Xiaming minister...More


Our Group Organized the Selection Activity of “The Top ten Mentors”

In order to centrally show the culture of “mentorship” and the elegant appearance of mentors, recently our group organized the selection activity of “the top ten mentors”. Finally Miss Serena Zhou from Human Resources Department,Miss Cathy Xi and Miss Fiona He from Shipping Department, Miss Jennie Zhang from Union Source...More



Establishing a Happy Corporation

It is our instinct to pursue happiness. Adhered to the philosophy of people-oriented and of establishing a happy corporation, Sellers Union shares the development achievements with all employees and assist them to pursue happiness. 

Along to establish a happy corporation, remuneration is of overriding importance. Insisted in the theory of “efforts must be rewarded”, Sellers Union always...More



2015 United States consumer goods and Gift Fair in Las Vegas

Date:August 2-5

Address:Las Vegas International Exhibition Center


2015 St Paul Brazil international household goods and Gift Fair2

Date:August 16-19

Address:Brazil North Exhibition Center


2015 Singapore China (Ningbo) import and Export Commodities Fair

Date:August 19-21

Address:Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Center (4 floor)


2015 Hongkong International Toys & Gifts Exhibition & Asian Gifts & household goods exhibition

Date:October 20-23

Address:Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center


2015 Mexico China investment and Trade Fair

Date:November 10-12

Address:Mexico City Commercial Bank Exhibition Center...More


The Foreign Trade Performance of The First Half Year

According to the Customs statistics, China’s total import and export in the first half of 2015 reached 11.5 trillion yuan, down 6.9% year on year (the same as below)...More


Guangzhou toys wholesalemarket

Guangzhou Yide Toys & Gifts Wholesale centre is the first and largest gifts & toys wholesale centre. Apart from the hundreds of local traditional small roadside Paver, currently has 12 large-scale development of a wholesale shopping mall...More


Two days’ tour in Mogan Mountain and Xiazhu Lake

In the deep groves of bamboo, Mogan Mountain is regarded as summer resort and you can experience four seasons in one day there....More

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