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The Officer of the Secretariat of the Europe Countries of the Associated Chambers of Commerce of China-Central Eastern Countries Came to Our Group to Investigate

Date: 2015-07-21 15:00:50 Hist: 223

On the morning of 11th June, accompanied by the Deputy Counsel Zhao Dafang and Teacher Su Zheng of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade(CCPIT),Ningbo Sub-Council,the secretary-general Mr.Michal Polanski of the secretariat of the Europe Countries of the associated chambers of commerce of China-Central Eastern countries(set in Poland Business Administration Bureau), and his group came to investigate our group. Vice President of our group Andrew Fang,Mr.Jimmy Ye and Miss Lily Zhang from Global Union et al. warmly received the distinguished guests.

The group of distinguished guests first visited our showroom. The secretary-general Mr.Michal Polanski enquired the detailed situation of our group’s export market,export products, overseas institutions,etc.; The secretary-general Mr. Michal Polanski also as the officer of Poland Business Administration Bureau, was very concerned about the trade situation between our group and the Polish enterprises. 
After visiting the showroom,Vice President Mr.Fang accompanied the secretary-general to visit the administrative area of our Ningbo R&D park and then had an informal discussion and communication.Mr.Jimmy Ye briefly introduced to the distinguished guests the situation of our group’s development process,structure, business model,enterprise culture and so on.  
Vice President Mr. Fang expressed, in May he went to Warsaw,Poland together with Mr.Gu Zhengwei,President of CCPIT, Ningbo Sub-Council and visited the Secretary-General in the Business Administration Bureau, and it was a great honor to have invited the Secretary-General to investigate our group just after one month.Europe was the largest export market for our group, Poland was one of the European powers and our group attached the great importance to the Polish market and had been making the effort to strength the expansion,also hoped to know more Polish enterprises with the demand for China’s daily consumer goods with the help of the Secretary-General, and then further strengthen the business cooperation with the Polish wholesalers and retailers. 
The Secretary-General Mr.Michal Polanski expressed, that he was greatly appreciated for the warm reception received in Sellers Union and as the officer of the Secretariat of the Chambers of Commerce and the Polish Business Administration Bureau, he had visited many enterprises.  After visiting the showroom and hearing the introduction of our group’s development situation, especially the business growth and performance of the social responsibility, he thought the management of Sellers Union conformed to the standard and Sellers Union was a qualified  foreign trade enterprises with a high level management, for which he was willing to provide help to connect Polish enterprises, further hoping Sellers Union to invest in Poland, strengthen the expansion of the Polish market;At the same time he hoped to export Polish products to the Chinese market and help Polish enterprises to develop Chinese business with our group’s mature trade experience, 
( The translator: Journey Jiang )