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Fah. Thermometer: For a Better Life

Date: 2015-07-21 17:25:52 Hist: 225

Q1: Could you please kindly give us a brief introduction about your company?

Ningbo Fah. Thermometer Co., Ltd. located in Ningbo, which is a developed commercial port city with long history in eastern China. Our company set product, technology, management and other advantages in one, which makes us have good production capacity and stable basis of international trade. 

We have good production conditions and high technical level. By scientific management, we can fully sure to make high quality products in reasonable cost, and delivery in time.

Except Ningbo, we also have many joint production enterprises in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Jiangsu, etc.. At present, we specialize in temperature measuring appliance series products, including bi-metal temperature / humidity meter, glass temperature / humidity meter, electronic temperature / humidity meter. The products are widely used in daily life, in industrial and agricultural production, mainly exported to the United States, Japan, Germany, South Korea and Southeast Asia, etc..



Q2: Which year was the company founded? How’s the business?

Our company was established in 2006. At very beginning, we only have 10 employees in 300m2 factory. Our first annual production is around 400,000 pieces, sales of ¥2,350,000.


Q3: How did you get to know Sellers Union Group?

We’ve learned from internet. Also, through your official website, we have a better understanding. In 2014, one of your clients need a thermometer product, your salesman found many suppliers in Alibaba, which included us. We sent out the samples, and after comparing, you chose us because of our price and quality. That is our first time cooperation. Now our cooperation is steadily growing.


Q4:Compared to industry competitors, what’s your advantages?

Firstly, we are professional. From very beginning, we focus on developing and producing various of thermometers. We have accumulated a large number of professional knowledge and technology, and have the ability to produce kinds of products.

At the same time, we pay attention to product development and technological innovation. Our product development and investment in the mold is higher than other factories, product quality is very stable. In 2008, according to market demands and customer requirements, we developed a environment-friendly glass thermometer (measure range-50°C~+350°C) without using mercury (Hg) or kerosene, which overcame the environment pollution problems. This is a leading product in the world, which can be widely used in industry and agriculture. 

What’s more, we have the cost advantage. On the one hand, we have a group of stable raw material suppliers, who offer us very competitive prices. On the other hand, we have a strict cost control. With a set of professional process, we can offer the low prices.

In addition, our production capacity is also very strong, which makes us to complete the orders in good quality in time. For example, in our first cooperation, from opening mold to delivery, the time is tight. We made the sample according to the requirements without any delay. The mass production was finished in advance, and the products is really in good quality. After that, we have two more times cooperation, which also turns out to be smoothly.



Q5: During our cooperation, is there any impressive event?

As the cooperation time is not too long, and the each time is very smooth, so actually nothing particularly impressive. But in our opinion, your salesmen business communication ability is specially strong.. Though they didn’t know much about our products, raw materials, etc. at very beginning, they can get to know those knowledge quickly after explanation. What’s more, they can convey customer’s requirements completely and accurately. When we have some questions, also can be solved at the first time. The good communication makes our cooperation getting better and better.


Q6: How’s your current business? How much has been increased compared to the first year?

Compared to the first year, our annual output value increased 8 times, reached ¥18,000,000. Now we have 40 employees, 1500m2 factory. The production environment has a big improvement. 



Q7: During the developing of your company, do Sellers Union Group have some positive influences on you? If yes, what are they? 

Some of your company's business value and management mode help us a lot, which make our operation be more standardized and professional. It is conducive to the long-term stable development. In addition, your timely payment provide us a strong financial support. Hope our two companies can maintain a very good relationship in future, and strengthen cooperation in product development and other aspects.



Q8: In next few years, what’s your opinion about our cooperation?    

For now, our cooperation is steadily expanding, and we believe that in the next few years, it will be further improved. At the same time, we will continue to work hard to expand our cooperation, so as to achieve greater mutual benefit and win-win.


( The translator: Lily Zhang )