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Our Group and SINOSURE Corporation Held the Semi-Annual Communication Meeting

Date: 2015-07-21 17:24:30 Hist: 202

On the afternoon of June 25th, Lai Dongfeng, the vice president of Ningbo Branch of China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation, together with director Shen Shuhuan and Zhang Jibo came to visit our group for meeting, leader of our group Patrick Xu, Charly Chen, Jolin Zhu, Daniel Wu and Juliet Zhou joined the meeting. The two parties shared their ideas on our general co-operation, business involved risks control, changing tendency of SINOSURE customers and features of credit insurance accident cases

The two parties held the idea that during the current serious situation of foreign trade, export enterprises should focus on risk control. Besides developing emerging market, we also needed to keep high risk sensitivity to high risk incidence area, such as Russia and Ukraine, and we also needed to conduct risk assessment strictly. Especially for the customers with aleatory trade (one customer with different company names), enterprises needed to be extremely cautious in order not to suffer huge economic losses.
The leaders of SINOSURE conveyed and analyzed conditions for the compensation of the insured cases accepted by them. They pointed out the points we needed to pay attention to and improve during the risk control. President Xu expressed that we would learn them carefully in order to grasp them fully, and we would control risks strictly and put its implementation in place. President Lai forwarded two checks (one amount is one million, two hundred and thirty thousand USD, the other is four million, four hundred and twenty thousand USD) to Patrick Xu, which was for the compensation of the insured cases earlier. President Xu solemnly received them in both his hands and expressed his heartfelt thanks to timely compensation of SINOSURE and spoke highly of the professional operation and work efficiency of SINOSURE. Especially when we met the crisis of foreign trade with Russia, the business team of SINOSURE expressed their professional abilities and calm attitude before the crisis and helped us out of big business risks. Finally, President Xu also indicated that our company would increase the coverage of credit insurance in the future and think about the possibilities to have all clients to be insured under the high-risk circumstance. He hoped that our group could get more support from SINOSURE to achieve a sound and steady business development. 
( The translator: Yoyo Zhang )