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Our Group Organized the Selection Activity of “The Top ten Mentors”

Date: 2015-07-21 16:28:55 Hist: 196

Mentorship is a long-term practice in our group,which has achieved remarkable results. Many professional and experienced old staffs have consciously taken the responsibility of “mentors” after they finish their own work,providing new staffs with guide on business skills whole-heartedly,helping them to get on well with the new team quickly,cultivating a large number of competent staffs for the group. The relative system and way of “mentorship” has created an unique scenery line in our enterprise culture. 

In order to centrally show the culture of “mentorship” and the elegant appearance of mentors, recently our group organized the selection activity of “the top ten mentors”. According to the recommendation from each department of the group and each branch company, there were 35 mentors who had tutored new staffs entered the shortlist of “the top ten mentors”, then by the majority of collegues’voting through we chat, finally Miss Serena Zhou from Human Resources Department,Miss Cathy Xi and Miss Fiona He from Shipping Department, Miss Jennie Zhang from Union Source, Miss Xiaoting Zheng from Warehousing & Logistics Department, Miss Shirley Du from Union Chance, Miss Apple Zhu from Union Vision, Miss Emily Wang from Financial Department, Miss Ruby Ge from Sellers Union and Mr Johnny Li from Comprehensive Administration Department,were awarded “the top ten mentors” in our group.  
On the afternoon of 2nd June and on the morning of 4th June 2015,the award ceremony of “the top ten mentors” was separately held in Yiwu and Ningbo, president Patric Xu issued the honor certification himself to the mentors and then took photos together. On the morning of 4th June there was also one video meeting, president Xu,vice president Fang, the awarded top ten mentors,the representative of “apprentices” and the edit group from the Comprehensive Administration Department attended the meeting. 
In the meeting, Miss Ruby Ge, Fiona He, Jennie Zhang and Serena Zhou made the speech as the representative of mentors, from which they shared how they themselves grew into the mentors from new staffs and their feelings about how to tutor, as well as the conclusion of experience and methods to be a good mentors. Meanwhile they also regarded this activity as a great affirmation and encouragement for the mentors who silently shared their own experience like them, and expressed that they would take the title of “top ten mentors” as motivation in the future, to further fulfill their responsibility as mentors. 
Patric Xu expressed his sincere congratulations to the ten awarded mentors,he thought that“the top ten mentors”selection activity took into account both professionality and the will of all the group members, the honor of “top mentors”was with quite high value. Patric Xu said, our group had done a lot of work on the cultivation of talents, besides external training and internal trainer system, the mentorship was another very important system in our group’s human resource development,by this system, the mentors could interact and fully communicate with the “apprentices” at the right moment, for the mentors they could teach whatever they knew,for the apprentices they could feel the warmness from the collective and the mentors,while learning knowledge and experience,which had played a very important role for the group in retaining and cultivating talents, as well as saving the human cost,which also well reflected the group’s relevant content of our core value as “Sharing,Excellence,Win-win”, thus the mentorship had become the very important aspect of sellers union’s characteristic enterprise culture.The selection activity of “top ten mentors” was not only a periodic summary of our previous culture of mentorship, but also created a good atmosphere for everyone to be eager to become a mentor, and then a good mentor,which benefited the transfer of business knowledge and experience from old staffs to the new ones, as well as the heritage of enterprise culture. Patric Xu wished the mentors to keep on trying,bringing up a group of outstanding “apprentices”; and then outstanding “apprentices” to become the top mentors and bring up a new group of outstanding “apprentices”,continuously,our group would have a steady flow of excellent staffs to ensure the stable business development.
( The translator: Journey Jiang )