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Establishing a Happy Corporation

Date: 2015-08-19 17:36:24 Hist: 216


It is our instinct to pursue happiness. Adhered to the philosophy of people-oriented and of establishing a happy corporation, Sellers Union shares the development achievements with all employees and assist them to pursue happiness. 

Along to establish a happy corporation, remuneration is of overriding importance. Insisted in the theory of “efforts must be rewarded”, Sellers Union always provides employees with above-average remuneration among the same industry and maintains salary growing simultaneously with company profits. The average annual-salary of our staff grows by 10% recently.

Meanwhile, we provide better welfare and benefits. In 2002, all staff had been firstly included into national social security system. We organized all to travel abroad in 2006, like Austria, Europe, Maldives and so on, which became a big news in foreign trade industry in Ningbo. At present, our group allocated 2000RMB as annual tour fee per people. In addition, annual physical examination, a high standard of holiday benefits and collective birthday parties contribute to make employees happier.

Happiness is a comprehensive experience, more than remuneration. Group support the staff to set up associations and fund them to organize various club activities, such as "The voice of Seller Union”, funny sports meeting, basketball and badminton competitions, all of which light up and amaze our life.

As it well known to us, helping employees to develop is the essence of happy corporation. Group attaches great importance to staff training. Apart from existing outsourcing training, we opened “Sellers Union Class” in 2011, not only launching orientation for new-comers, but also organizing multiple classes to improve their vocational skills and comprehensive quality. It is estimated that 57 classes were hold by Sellers Union Class, which trained a total of 2904 stuff in the year of 2014.Moreover, each subsidiary arrange a veteran to teach new-comers with the purpose to promote development.

To make every staff happy and enjoy their life is what a happy corporation aims at.


( The translator: Cindy Gao )