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Still water runs long -- Co-operation with customer RAJ

Date: 2015-07-21 17:24:46 Hist: 252

RAJ was one of the customers who have long-term cooperation with Union Source, we have been co-operating with RAJ for nine years. Always, how to meet our customers’ needs and making new breakthroughs on the basis of having stable orders from customers are our most concern. Generally speaking, we pay great attention to every detail same as RAJ and this attitude help us co-operate with each other. During our co-operation, we constantly strive for excellence and this help us form a deep association with RAJ and help us co-operate till now. 



RAJ attaches much importance on the packing of every product. He thinks that good packing could help raise the sale value, so he insist that we offer all products with the company logo embroidered or printed on packing, and we are required to consider every detail from color boxes to hangtags which are deeply linked to package. So when we help customers choose packages, before confirming material for packing, we will always choose packing with nice shape and low price first. Meanwhile, we will always think of all kinds of problems what could happen during packing in advance.
When we came to contact this customer in the first time, neither did we feel upset and uncomfortable nor did we feel scared at all meticulous work requirements of RAJ. In the contrast, during our visit in Yiwu market with RAJ, we carefully observed senior salesman’s operational processes and carefully study packing requirements of RAJ. Through days’ efforts, we had accumulated a deep understanding of business operations and habits of RAJ. However, what impresses me most is that when choosing items in Yiwu market, RAJ would always ask us to write down every detail of all items such as color, designs, packing, type of paper card., etc., and ask us to take all photos of them. He had an idea that only in this way both of us could have a clear idea of the items we choose. Of course, sometimes, RAJ would be so kind to help us write down all details, which made us feel so warm. We felt that we are not just business companions but also friends.  
Due to all effective details, we achieved everything smoothly during our order, and we successfully handed over all ordered products to RAJ. When chatting with RAJ, he always encourages us that paying attention to every detail could help us deal with work better. During nine-year co-operation with RAJ, we make progress in the process of strong attention to detail and our co-operation amount becomes larger and larger. Here we sincerely give our sincere thanks to all of our customers who attaches much importance on every detail.
At present, goods of RAJ sell very well and sometimes products are temporarily out of stock. This requires us to improve efficiency on dealing with orders and making paper cards. Through mutual efforts in a more cautious and more responsible way, we sincerely hope that we can follow the proverb “Still water runs long” and expand the co-operation between RAJ and us.
Author:Leely Wang, Translator: Yoyo Zhang )