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Two days’ tour in Mogan Mountain and Xiazhu Lake

Date: 2015-07-21 17:27:58 Hist: 201
In the deep groves of bamboo, Mogan Mountain is regarded as summer resort and you can experience four seasons in one day there.
Jian Chi
There are a lot of waterfalls in Jian Chi running along the cliffs endlessly, which makes there even cooler.
You can also enjoy a different scene of green on all the way’s stones and tree barks.
 Dicui Tan
Dicui Tan is located in front of Wuling Village and in this season, you can see a lot of water lilies’ flowers there. 
Qingliang Tai
When you step into this kiosk, you can feel the cool world and enjoy the scene of all the village, fields, roads and brooks.
The sea of clouds in Mogan Mountain in summer is also a beautiful scene which always appears inadvertently.
Deqing Xiazhu Lake
In Xiazhu Lake, you can enjoy the natural Jiangnan Style as well as search for the centuried culture heritage.
From march to October, you can see many rare animals, such as egrets, jacanas and wild ducks.
The Xiazhu Lake’s Wetland Scenic Spot is also a fairyland for neatly 160 species of birds.
Observation Tower in Xiazhu Lake’s Wetland
 Xiazhu Lake’s Wetland
The wetland of Xiazhu Lake is quite miraculous because there are islands in the lake as well as lakes in the islands. There are  more than 1000 river branches and 600 islands and form a maze in the wetland.
 Panda Museum of the Xiazhu Lake
The Panda Museum is opened in Feb 27th, 2013 and two pandas “Dede” and “Qingqing”moved into the museum from the Ya'an section of China Giant Panda Protection in Sichuan Province.
Conclusion: Compared to the grand Mountain Tai, Mougan Mountain is more leisure. Compared to the precipitous Yellow Mountain, Mougan Mountain is more peaceful. If you like nature and enjoy the original life, you can take up your bags and spend two isolated days in Mougan Mountaion!
( The translator: Icho Qian )