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Our Trip to Russia

Recently, be invited to attend supplier meeting where “M” guest held in Moscow. 

Four members from Union Source to start Russia trip under the leadership of Deputy General Manager Kenny.

In the meantime, we made time to visit the potential clients in order to deepen the understanding and trust of each other....More


Our Group Held The “Into The Ningbo Top Ten Enterprise Journal” Exchange Activity

On July 23rd afternoon, Into the Ningbo Top Ten Enterprise Journal exchange activity was first time held in our group. Under the organization of the Ningbo Journal Exchange Center, more than 30 journal staff from 20 enterprises, such as Beyond Group, Evegreen Group, Self Group, Safewell Group, Huamao Group, Lishe Airport, Ningbo Rail Transit, Ningbo Bus Corporation, etc. took part in the activity.Recently, be invited to attend supplier meeting where “M” guest held in Moscow...More



Yang Qiaojuan: Persistence and Trust Contribute to a Win-Win Result

It has been 9 years since I started to work with Sellers Union Company. During the 9 years, I witnessed the development of Sellers Union from a small company to Seller Union Group-a leading company in Yiwu foreign trade enterprises, and during this process, I also became an established supplier in the carpet industry....More



Be Thrifty to Manage Company in A Long-term

Group has maintained a strong profitability and sustaining economic growth since foundation. However, being thrifty and making every penny cost is always our fine tradition. For example, our work area is simply and practically decorated, without any luxurious decoration; we strive to cost-effective daily office expenses, by purchasing office furniture, daily benefits, birthday gifts...More

Staff Activities of Last Month 


At last month, our group organized all kinds of activities, to enhance team cohesion,keep staff full of passion and vitality in the work, such as basketball match, badminton match, carnival Party, outreach activities in Xiushan Island, tour to Xiangshan, Thailand and Jiangsu. Certainly, we didn't forget to learn, we participated the public speech and communication art course,  it is very intersting. we've also done a meaningful thing, that is  visiting the home for the aged...More




Japan Tokyo International (Autumn) Gift Show


Address:Ariake Tokyo International Exhibition Center


2015 Hongkong International Toys & Gifts Exhibition & Asian Gifts & household goods exhibition

Date:October 20-23

Address:Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center


2015 Mexico China investment and Trade Fair

Date:November 10-12

Address:Mexico City Commercial Bank Exhibition Center



In the first half year, China’s economic and trade cooperation with the countries alongside “Belt and Road” witnessed a steady promotion and active progress, and both the overall progress and results were better than the expected...More


 Lecong Furniture Wholesale Market

Began to take shape in the 1980s, extending approximately 5 kilometers and covering a total floor space of 2,000,000 square meters, Lecong furniture market boasts a total of more than 3,000 furniture manufacturers from home and abroad and distributors here are concurrently engaged in both wholesale and retail, employing over 50,000 people....More


Briefly stop at Xiamen,enjoy a leisure life

Italo Calvino in Invisible Cities has described as:”no matter what the real face of the city is, regardless of what hides under the thick signs , when you leave it, it has not been found."

Xiamen is a city you can see,you can hear and is worthy of your experience. The scenery is visible and endless. Briefly stop at Xiamen,enjoy a leisure life...More

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