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 Quality is the guarantee of the business------the cooperation experience with Costa Rican customer

Our department has brought in a new customer in June, who is a retailer in Costa Rica and has been living in Taiwan for a period of time. And he is a person with forthright character.Actually, this customer has cooperated with another foreign trade company for a long time. But they are not good at quality controlling and it results in high rate of broken goods. The customer suffered loss because of the damaged, and finally they lose confidence to the company. Due to this issue, we gained opportunity to cooperate....More


Haixing Plastic: Eight-year Cooperation  Win-win Development

Guangzhou Haixing Plastic Co.Ltd, was founded in 1989 and committed to the plastic houseware of technology innovation research and development,products manufacturing and selling.It is one of the domestic leading enterprises on household plastic products manufacturing,such as the series of plastic crisper and etc.....More


 Our Group Got In The List Of Ningbo Top 50 Private Enterprises

On the first half year, Ningbo City Federation inspected private enterprises at scale in the city's 17th survey,and inspected 500 million yuan of total revenue (or more) of large-scale private enterprises several times.The union according to the findings released the "2014 Annual Ningbo scale private enterprise research report." The report shows that our group with 2014 annual revenues of 3.5 billion yuan of the total private enterprises among the Ningbo 50 list again....More


Our Group Held Operating Decision Meeting

On Aug.31st, our group held operating decision meeting, all the members of operating decision committee attended, Patrick xu hosted the meeting. Patrick xu firstly awarded the appointment to Lin zhiying...More



 Be thrifty to manage company in a long-term

Our group has maintained a strong profitability and sustaining economic growth since foundation. However, being thrifty and making every penny cost is always our fine tradition. For example, our work area is simply and practically decorated, without any luxurious decoration; we strive to cost-effective daily office expenses, by purchasing office furniture, daily benefits, birthday gifts, annual prizes and sound equipment through our cooperated manufacturer below market price; we entertain our clients at an ordinary restaurant, instead of luxury style, which is highly recognized by our clients....More


Staff Activities of Last Month

At last month, our group organized all kinds of activities, to enhance team cohesion,keep staff full of passion and vitality in the work, such as picking up grapes,playing the game of Treasure Battle , tour to Shandong,Zhoushan,

Thailand,dinner together and deliver a cool to the sanitary worker,help picking grapes and bought grapes,make dumplings  and play the game ....More


 Seventh Benin China Commodity Exhibition

Date:August 25-28

Address:Benin China Economic and Trade Development Center

Japan Tokyo International (Autumn) Gift Show

Date:September 2-4

Address:Ariake Tokyo International Exhibition Center

2015 Hongkong International Toys & Gifts Exhibition & Asian Gifts & household goods exhibition

Date:October 20-23

Address:Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center...More


The Business Performance Of August 2015


According to the Customs statistics, China’s total import and export in August 2015 reached RMB 2.04trillion, down 9.7% year on year (the same as below). Among them, the export was RMB 1.2 trillion, down 6.1%, and import RMB 0.84 trillion, down 14.3%. The trade surplus was RMB 368.0 billion, up 20.1%....More


 Guangzhou  Clothing Wholesale Market

Guangzhou Baima clothing wholesale Market is close to the Guangzhou Railway Station, located in the Zhan Nan Road. Guangzhou Baima clothing wholesale market is the largest market with the best decoration, matching the most complete and the best managed clothes market in Guangzhou, the largest trading volume in the high-end apparel market. ...More


Ends of the earth, southern style——Hainan, human heaven

Sunshine, seafood, with coconut trees as partners, relax in the blue sky, come here looking for a dream vacation in paradise.Hainan, located at the southern tip of China, is a province which has largest area (land area plus marine area). Hainan Special Economic Zone is China's...More
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