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Sincere Communication Contributes to Cooperation

I recalled one old customer dealing with promotion products in South Europe when I was handling orders of Nestle sales promotion. This customer was the first one I dealt with independently. Thought he had never become my big customer, he indeed left me a deep impression during my lifetime.Though the economy in Iberian Peninsula came to be in recession for such a long time since 2008, promotion industry had got a good chance to develop. In this situation, I got the opportunity to work with this customer. Many of his customers are from major magazines relating to every aspect of our life, such as VOGUE, ELLE and other women magazines, animation and game magazines for teenagers and magazines on cooking and religion. ...More


 Ten Years of Venture Road,With Four Years of Good Cooperation

——For The Finest Supplier FenZhen Li From Fuhui Plastics

Ningbo Yinzhou Fuhui Plastics Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd.(Formerly known as Ningbo Jiangdong Haihui Plastics Packaging Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd.) was a professional manufacturer of adhesive products and one of leading enterprises of Chinese adhesive...More



"Warm Wind" Volunteers In Action

On the morning of September 12th and 26th, 14 volunteers of our group went to Minglou Street and Baihe Street of Jiangdong District to care for the families who lost their single child during the break time, and with them together make small cake to celebrate the mid autumn festival. The two activities, which were included in the annual charity project plan of "Warm Wind", were organized by Family Planning Association of Jiangdong Minglou Street...More



Our Group Held the Second Internal Lecturers Seminar

Personnel training is an important support for the sustainable development of enterprises, and our Group has been attaching great importance to the work of staff in-service training. Seller Classroom is the...More


Internal Promotion Provides Bright Future
The prime minister starts from the state department, while a valiant general suffers from a plain solider. Since its foundation, Sellers Group sticks to the internal promotion and form a high-level employment mechanism. According to statistics, a total of 31 directors and vice directors are gradually promoted from grassroots and group’s higher managers work from an ordinary salesman....More

Staff Activities In September

At last month, our group organized all kinds of activities, to enhance team cohesion,keep staff full of passion and vitality in the work, such as travelling to ZhangJiajie, Japan, Macau, Vietnam, Jiande, Xiamen, visiting families lost their child, lucky draw, donating blood and so on.

On Aug. 28th, the first wave of travel time of Union Vision, ten buddies are ready to start a perfect time in Zhang Jiajie, Hunan...More 


118th Canton Fair

Address:China Import and Export Commodity Fair Exhibition Hall


Date: Oct.23-27,2015

Booth NO.:15.3F23-26  G19-22 ,15.3 C41-42 D01-02 , 8.0F27-28

Phase Ⅲ:

Date: Oct.31-Nov.4

Booth NO.:15.3D01-02 F23-26 G19-22 C41-42 H41-42 I01-02, 16.3E40-42 F01-03


Hongkong International Toys & Gifts Exhibition & Asian Gifts & household goods exhibition

Date:October 20-23

Address:Hongkong International Convention and Exhibition Center


Hongkong fashion and accessories exhibition

Date:October 27-30

Address:Asia International Expo


2015 Mexico China investment and Trade Fair

Date:November 10-12

Address:Mexico City Commercial Bank Exhibition Center...More


On October 8, the Ministry of Commerce held a regular press conference, at which the news spokesman Shen Danyang responded to nine hot and sensitive issues drawing great concern from domestic and overseas media. The part records are as follows...More


Shoes Wholesale Market

Shoes markets in Guangzhou are numerous, where you can find your favorite ones of different price range. high-grade shoes are in west Huanshi Road, lower ones at Jiefang Road and Ziyuangang. Most of them deal with wholesale business. The following additional information will be helpful to your purchase, and you are welcomed to contact us for more details...More


In the southwest of Zhejiang province, upstream of Oujiang river, there are a beautiful city named Yuanhe. According to Zhejiang annals, in 1492s AD, the government separated Fuyun and Yuanhe countrysides...More

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