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The Growing Story With Anna
X is the most important customer who contributed Raying’s foundation. And Anna is one buyer of X, who started to take over the purchasing of seasonal products since 2014.

Anna is a very kind and nice woman when I came to know her for the first time. But during the work, she is always a responsible and careful woman in pursuit of perfection. So when we met problems on our orders, we would always explain to her very carefully including the craft, texture and the real problems during the production process. We would guide her to know the product together. In such cases, she would always believe in our profession and gave us more time to solve all problems....More


The Story About Me And Mr.Jiang 

Yangjiang Fuqiang Daily Hardware Products Co., LTD., founded in 2000, has been manufacturing kitchen supplies and hardware products for 15 years, it is located in Yangjiang which is in Guangzhou province and has a reputation of a “China scissor city”. The factory covers an area of nearly 10 thousand square meters. At present, It has become a enterprises who owns...More

Our Group helped Zhu Village of Jinhua Finish Rebuilding the Road

In the early October of this year, when our group noted the villagers' wish of repairing their road, we immediately decided to donate 80,000 RMB to Zhu Village to help them repair the road. When the villager's committee and the party branch of Zhu Village received...More

Our Group Granted 200 Thousand RMB of “Sellers Union Bursaries and Scholarships" Again
Recently,Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College held the Commending Assembly of school year 2014-2015.Jim Yu,the president of our group was invited to attend the meeting. As an important agenda in the meeting,our group once again granted 200 thousand RMB...More

President Assistant-Jolin Zhu participated further study in US held by Ningbo

On October 11th-22nd, Seller Union group president assistant Jolin Zhu participated the advanced class in America for entrepreneurial who were selected from the double hundred enterprises and talents...More

Fulfill entrepreneurial dreams 

Sellers Group is committed to creating a platform for all staff to contribute to group’s development, and Patrick Xu doesn’t regard as group as his own property and he is always generous and open-minded to establish sub-platform for every internal excellent employees to achieve personal ambitions. Group encourages internal entrepreneurship, being the first one to launch subsidiaries isolating from headquarter and offer excellent employees equity incentives to share the profits. Market Union, as the first subsidiary, was set up in the year of 2003...More 


Staff Activities In Octorber

At last month, our group organized all kinds of activities, to enhance team cohesion,keep staff full of passion and vitality in the work, such as travelling to Qingdao, dinner together, Wild Breeze public welfare and so on....More




Sixth Middle East (Dubai) Home Brand Fair 

Date: December 8-10, 2015

Address: Dubai World Trade Center


HKTDC Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair

Date: Jan.11-14, 2016


Address: Hongkong International Convention and Exhibition Center



Date: Jan.24-27, 2016

Address: New Munich Exhibition Center...More


The Foreign Trade  Performance Of October 2015

Considering the current situation of foreign trade, China’s foreign trade development this year faces a more severe situation than 2014 with increasing downward pressure. According to the Customs statistics, China’s total import and export in January-October reached US$ 3,226.96 billion, down 8.5%. Among them, the export reached US$ 1,856.45 billion, down 2.5% year on year; the import was US$ 1,370.52 billion, down 15.7% year on year. In October, China’s import and export reached US$ 323.19 billion, down 12.1%, among which the export was US$ 192.41 billion, down 6.4%, and the import was US$ 130.77 billion, down 18.8%...More


Danyang Glasses Market

Danyang Glasses Market was established in 1986 and improved for 3 times at the expense of nearly 30million. It has an area of 32000 sq.m.and locates at the most developing area of China, where quite near Shanghai and other South part of Jiangsu Province like Suzhou, Wuxi and Changzhou. It has obviously the advantages of convenient transportation since it is easy to get to Changzhou Airport, Lukou Airport in Nanjing from there. ...More


Tour To Jiang Xi 
Jiang Xi province is located in the south bank of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. The longest river in the province- the Gangjiang River crosses the whole province from south to north, so that Jiang Xi is called Gan. The entire province covers an area of 16.69 square kilometers.Teng Wang Pavilion: One of the most three famous pavilions in regions south of the Yangtze River, which is located in...More
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