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Customers Teach Me to Grow Up

Customer A is from Australia. During the first time I met him, my impression was: He’s Australian really, because he’s so like Rose, who is my colleague English teacher. His round face was full of kindness. But when we sat down and started talk, we found our impression is not so correct. Customer A talked with us because of our new way for cooperation: sell on credit. That means customers get goods before they pay. To us, that means our company helps customers to pay money to suppliers in advance. Take customer A as a sample, after both sides came to agreement of the commission rate, we submitted customer A’s company information to Risk Control Department. Colleagues from this department investigated A’s credit status and insurance record from Sinosure. After confirmation that A was eligible to insure, we applied for quota....More


 Yachu Jewellery Factory: To Make the World More Beautiful

Belif introduction to the supplier:Yiwu Yachu Jewellery Factory was founded in 2004, with more than 200 employees now.The plant scale covers an area about 4000 square meters.The company mainly produces fashion accessories like alloy necklaces,rings and bracelet and etc.The annual turnover is over 20 million RMB...More


Union Source Celebrated Its 10th Anniversary

November 11th, the national crazy shopping date in China, AliExpress team celebrated its 2nd anniversary meanwhile it’s the beginning of Union Source’s 10th anniversary celebration activities.The activities ranged from Nov 11th to 18th, from “A letter to general manager”, “A surprising greeting card...More

YOYO Travel Agent Move to New place

On November 17th, our group YOYO travel agent moved to a new address with great congratulations, from high-tech zone to 23rd floor in Jiangbei Yinyi bund. It will be a new beginning for YOYO travel agent, cause business place play a more important role in travel field than foreign trade...More


Constructing an international trade ecosystem

Specialized in self-export trade and supply-chain services, Sellers Union always focus on establishing mutual and win-win cooperation with sub-partners and constructing a symbiotic business ecosystem in the international trade industry.In this ecological chain, the biggest target is to ensure every partner can benefit and develop, not solely on any company.Everyone spare no effort to co-construct win-win and vibrant business environment, where they  have access to  high quality business resources and establish a solid and friendly cooperation to achieve further and long term development...More


Staff Activities In November

At last month, our group organized all kinds of activities, to enhance team cohesion,keep staff full of passion and vitality in the work, such as travelling to Hainan, basketball game,Fun Games and so on.On Oct.23, Nov.11th,warehouse logistics section divided 19 people in two batches to the famous tourist destination - Sanya, Hainan...More 

Hongkong toy fair and baby products exhibition

Date: January 11-14

Address: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center

Munich Winter Sports Exhibition

Date: January 24-27

Address: New Munich Exhibition Center...More


The Foreign Trade Performance Of  Nov. 2015

Considering the current situation of foreign trade, China’s foreign trade development this year faces a more severe situation than 2014 with increasing downward pressure. According to the Customs statistics, China’s total import and export in January-October reached US$ 3,226.96 billion, down 8.5%. Among them, the export reached US$ 1,856.45 billion, down 2.5% year on year; the import was US$ 1,370.52 billion, down 15.7% year on year. ...More


Huadu Shiling International Leather City

Just 20 km north of downtown Guangzhou, Shiling is building up into becoming the centre for leather goods and materials to serve the entire country.Occupying an area of over 230,000 sqm, Shiling (International) Leather City houses 2,100 shops. More than 4,000 enterprises produce and trade leather goods, as well as wholesale raw and ancillary materials....More


The South Of Cloud

Yunnan is a place that is full of backpacker, and also a place that you will have impulsion to come. I don't know how many times that you want to drop your work, take your camera and go ahead to far place. This time, do not hesitate, just start off!In Lijiang, you can be a naive child. Forget about the annoyance of life, and enjoy yourself there. You can also look forward the unexpected live.Heal yourself, encounter new love, walk through, search for...More

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