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Our group keep the growth at a high speed, in the first quarter of year 2014, the volume of import & export is about 83 million dollars. Compared to the same period last year, our group rises up 19 places in the rankings to become 13 in trading companies in Ningbo.


As a barometer of import and export, 115th Canton Fair Phase two ended satisfactorily. Our group attended with 21 booths and 52 peoples. Displayed multiple series more than 8000 types. Mainly include cleaning supplies, kitchen supplies, hardware supplies, electronic supplies, DIY products, sporting goods, TV products, storage box ,gift ware and etc, which related to more than 500 vendors. During the fair, each attended companies have their own strongpoint’s, achieved the good performance.


 Sellers Union: Cooperated With Suppliers To Exhibit

This Exhibition got the great support from Suppliers. Many of the cooperated suppliers recommended their hot selling series to display on the fair.

Sellers Union prepared more than 2000 pcs samples collected from 100 suppliers, which packed almost 40 cartons to display on the fair. Thanks to well prepared various type products ,and most of the products are necessity goods and fast moving consumer goods, that’s why drew so many foreign customers stand to visit.

Sellers union attended with four league booths ,which let the customer feel the impress visual impact and also fully reflect our good corporate images.


Union Source: Received More Than 1000 Customers 

During this Canton Fair ,in addition to the four general merchandise’ booths, Union source also set up two Kitchenware booths.

Benefit from the good position that located on the main channel, The booths attracted so many foreign customers.

Union Source Martin Hu, Jacinta Xia, Jaco Yu, etc. 12 participants, received more than 1000 foreign customers. Among the received business cards, the clients who come from Africa, South America, Asia and Mid-east etc emerging export markets accounted for a large proportion.


Global Union: New Employees Sparkles On Exhibition



Under the leadership of Global Union’s General manager : Daniel Wu, six colleagues attended the 115th Canton Fair (Phase 1:Eletrical electronic show ;Phase 2:Houseware show and Phase 3:Sporting goods show)

Among the new employees  attended the canton fair ,there are two employees joined the company less than six months. They said through attending the exhibition, they have a further understanding for Exhibition decoration; Receiving the customers; Offering quotation and Business following. And it will generate the great help for the future work.


Union Chance: Introducing Newest Storage Products

Storage & Organizer still be the main product that displayed on the Union Chance’s booth.

In addition to the original storage products, the newest products which include the :Plastic storage items, Truck organizer ,Travel mate storage items, Paper storage box and etc also access the numerous Europe & America professional buyer’s favor.


Canton Fair is a great platform to show the enterprise’s images and communicated with many international buyers. Our company will take this opportunity to develop and introduce more new clients and then work hard forward to sales target of the year 2014.



A Return Visit of “Sellers Union Subsidy” Owners From Yiwu Industrial & Commercial College

On Apr.4th, the representative of Yiwu Industrial & Commercial College,together with “Sellers Union Subsidy” owners paid a return visit to our company. Executives both from Sellers Union and other subsidiaries welcomed the visiting guests.  After visiting our offices and product exhibition center, students show great interest to our company, raising questions about company’s development, job prospects, newcomer’s training and working system. Executives of our company replied one by one. In the meeting, the subsidy owners expressed their gratitude to our company. They said the “Sellers Union Subsidy” is not only a financial support but also a spiritual encouragement. 


Our Group Attended Presidents Conference Which was Ningbo Foreign Trade and Economic Enterprise Association Held

Ningbo Foreign trade association presidents office meeting was held in Ninghai Ruyi Company on the afternoon of April 9th. President Yu Danhua, Senior Vice Chairman Gang Yong and Vice Chairmen took part in the meeting. Vice-chairman Patrick Xu attended the meeting as representative of Sellers Union.


Our Group Held Board of Directors of the First Quarter 

The first quarter of 2014 Board Meeting was held on Apr.10th. Patrick Xu, the chairman of Sellers Union, host the meeting. This meeting announced the profit status, tax affairs, staff income of the year 2013 and also reported the performance of first quarter 2014. Foreign trade supply chain management was also discussed as a future innovation model.      

Directors from subsidiaries showed their opinions towards how to strengthen the corporation between bank and company, set up risk control department, control public spending, distribute profits, plan future tax, keep a reasonable development rate and improve mutual relationship of government.


Chairman Chen Met Members From Entrepreneurs Committee 

On April 16-17, Chen Changzhi, the Vice Chairman of standing committee of the NPC and chairman of the Central Committee together with his Law enforcement inspection group of the NPC, paid a visit to Ningbo to check the implementation of “Patent Law”. He made a brief report on the county council’s Characteristics and bright spots and showed an affirmation and encouragement attitude to the wonderful operating performance of Sellers Union as well as other entrepreneur members who participated in the meeting. 


Tax Bureau in Bonded Area Held Forum with Key Export Enterprises 

Tax bureau in bonded area organized forum with 30 key export enterprises at April 22nd afternoon. The theme of forum is "Listening, Communication & Development”. By this forum, Tax Bureau also held launch ceremony of “successful drawback” from Wechat platform. Section chief of tax bureau of Ningbo City Yao Bin, director of tax bureau of bonded area Ying Mimei, director of economic development board Zhu Guangxi and other leaders attended the forum. As one of the key export enterprises, vice-chairman Patrick Xu and chief financial officer Wang Caihong from Sellers Union attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by deputy director Zhang Deyu.


Ningbo Customs Organized Knowledge Training For Supporting Enterprises 

On April 24 ,Ningbo customs organized a meeting with nearly 100 top supporting enterprises ,which was chaired by the Management Office Chief ,Zhao Huifeng, main focus was custom knowledge training. Managing Director Zhu Ling and document manager Xi Jingjing took part in the discussion on behalf of Sellers Union and Union Source.


Our Group’s Visit To Hangzhou Wholesale Inc.

On 25th April, under the leadership of the president’s assistant Zhu Ling and the deputy general manager ShaoJiyin,7 people of E-business department went observing and studying in the Hangzhou Whole Sale Inc. The two parties communicated based on the cross-border of e-business operation issues.




Customer Tide in April 

The visiting buyers’ quantity have been creeping up these days, 50% are the regular customers that visit this time every year during the Canton Fair. The other half are new customers that developed from inquiries, advertisements, fairs and introduction by the regular customers, etc. 

With the developing of business, more and more customers come to visit our beautiful showroom and office, or even factory. The customers always choose the items in the showroom and then place order directly. 


Gerard and Rafal who come from Poland arrive at Yiwu. With the accompany of Lena, they visit the Yiwu market from April 24th to 29th .During the visiting time, to update the products information and get well known on the fashion items, they visited many booths and took down the products they get interested in.


Thailand customers came to Yiwu and had a 10-day visit in the market.


 Uruguay  customers 


Italy  customers


 Argentina customers


 Uruguay customers 


 Norway customers



Our group organized all kinds of activities, to enhance team cohesion,keep staff full of passion and vitality in the work.


April 2th, Table Tennis Match


April 3th, Making Dumplings for Dinner Party
April 6th, Spring Outing in Taohuawu
April 10th, Q&A Competition
April 12th, the Bachelor Party 
April 13th, Spring-Kite flying activity
April 18th-24th, Badminton Competition
April 19th, the Year Physical Examination
April 19th, Chian FarmTour
April 26th, Making Mazi in Tea Garden of Daoren Mountain
May 10th, Parent-child Activity
May 21th, Afro and Asian 15 nations government visit our group
For more details, please look forward to the next Monthly Express.


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