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Recently, assessed by Economic Development Board, the Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Beilun district, and management committee of Xiapu Modern Logistics Park , our group was awarded excellent enterprise of Ningbo import and export demonstration area for procurement and trading reform.


In the afternoon of May 21st,Under the guidance of Mr. Xujiang Hua ,the Deputy Director of Bureau of Foreign Trade of Ningbo City and Mr. Zhangjiang, the Subdecanal of Ningbo Polytechnic, the exploratory mission which consisted by the Nigeria, Algeria, Ghana ,Yemen ect.15 countries government official from Asia & Africa visited our group. Our group leaders which include: Patrick Xu, Charly Chen, Daniel Wu, Lemon Hou and Jolin Zhu expressed the warm reception to the guests.

The exploratory mission visited the product exhibition center and showed the strong interesting to our group’s massive & multiply general merchandise. They also consult the staff about the product information from time to time and asked for the CD and catalogue, even, many people put forward the cooperation intention.
Later on, Both sides proceed discussion in the meeting room. The Deputy Director Mr. Xu delivered the passionate speech. He warmly welcomed the delegation’s arrival and made a brief introduction about the Sellers Union Group. He said:Sellers Union Group is pretty outstanding, which is one of the most representative foreign trade company in Ningbo area. Ranked on the Top 20 of Ningbo Export enterprise and the year of 2014 ,they are making efforts to get into the Top 10. Sincerely hope through the expedition to the Sellers Union Group could drive the further strengthen communication with Ningbo enterprise ,help to introduce the Ningbo Commodity & Service to various countries.
The general Manager of the Global Union Mr. Daniel introduced the development history of the group company. Business scope, Type of customer, Composition of supplier, Enterprise culture and public charity etc. In the interactive link, the guests from the delegation asked the questions actively .such as: If it’s possible to establish the overseas branch and the detail requirement for this ? What kind of the service could offer during export the commodity to the Africa? How to know the status of the foreign customer’s credit. and so on. The leaders of the Sellers Union Group , answered the corresponding question one by one.
The delegates also introduced the economy & trade cooperation condition with China. Chinese products have the price advantage. In Africa, almost 80% daily necessities from China. Even more, lots of the Arab countries established the purchase office in Guangzhou ,Yiwu. Presently, the customers ratio of Africa of our group is still not large. and there still exist the enormous market space.
Our group president Patrick Xu made the summary. He showed the deeply honor for the exploratory mission’s arrival and expressed the gratitude to Bureau Of Foreign Trade of Ningbo City for facilitating the exploratory mission to visit our company. And hope through this visit, friends from Asia & Africa could help to generalize Sellers Union Group’s brand and product through their own influence. Meanwhile, the advantaged product and projects could be recommended to us for the win-win cooperation to realize the mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit.

Our Group Signed Cooperation Contract with Hunan Foreign Trade College 

In the morning of 24th April, Sellers Union Group signed the university-enterprise cooperation contract with Hunan Foreign Trade college, and held the awarding ceremony of off-campus and employment training bases. Qu Xiaochu(the secretary of the party committee),Tang Jin(the college president) and related teachers, and Yu Jin(the president assistant),Chen Chaohui and Han Ke(business directors) and Gong Jiangmin(executive vice director)etc attended the signing ceremony. This cooperation is another “hands holding” after with Ningbo University and Yiwu Industry and Commercial college. At present, there are more than 30  employments in Sellers Union. They’re fully playing their specialty in their suitable positions and achieve their values, the Sellers Union Group is their vast life stage.


Ningbo CIQ Visited Our Group 

On May 1, delegation of Ningbo Entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau(CIQ) visited Sellers Union Group, the main focus was surveying the effect of CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN on promoting relationship between group and FTA countries.  Group President Mr. Patrick Xu and related documentary dept. staff received warmly. Section Chief Mrs. Huang Jiaoou introduced the facilitation measure provided by CIQ for pro-trade and pro-growth, moreover, preached the new service about CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN in FTA as well, which can be concluded as countries sign FTA to reach the consensus of reducing or eliminating tariff and non-tariff barriers, relaxing or taking off restriction on market access, opening investment, thereby promoting goods, service, capital, technology and staff exchange freely, finally achieving the objective of mutual benefit and common development.


Bank of China Ningbo Branch Visit Our Group

On May 5th,delegation from Bank of China Ningbo City Branch and Haishu Regional Subbranch, which represented by Deputy General Manager of International Department MR. Wei Minghua and Deputy President Mr. Xu Liang separately, visited Sellers Union Group. Group Leaders Mr. Patrick Xu, Cheng Yongzhen, Mrs. Wang Caihong, Lemon Hou warmly received the delegation. The two sides focused on how to use good integrated credit, line of credit and how to grasp the issue of trade relations between the settlement amount and to operate export factoring business processes, risk characteristics, cost rates and other issues were adequately communicate on export credit insurance business and export factoring business to do a deep analysis of the pros and cons.


 Our Group Was Invited to Forum Between EIBC and Enterprises


On May 13th, Sellers Union Group was invited to a forum held at Yi Dong Hotel in Ningbo, Chief Financial Officer of Group MS. Wang caihong attended it .The forum was organized by Enterprise Association of Foreign Trade and Economy and the Export-Import Bank of China(EIBC), Ningbo Branch, hosted by deputy section cheif Ms. Wang Fen from Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economy , main focus was supporting the foreign trade enterprises to develop. Vice President of the Association Mr. Lu delin and chief of operation office in the bank Mr.Tu sanqin attended the Forum specially.


Our Group Held Monthly Executive Meeting
On the morning of May 26, the group held monthly executive meeting. The general manager of Each subsidiary has carried on the communication and work arrangement on group executives division of labor, strengthen strategic planning, corporate culture promotion, public relations maintenance, financial management ability and so on. They also have a fully interactive communication on company mergers and acquisitions basic strategy, a da tong business model advantages, the development of foreign trade electricity anticipation. And discuss or through the company's annual budget, the training and travel expenses, information confidentiality system and code of conduct and other important issues.


Whatever the customer is big or small, our companies always focus on the concept”Customer Orientation”. That is why more customers are willing to cooperate with us and we develop quickly. 


Argentina Customers

Leonadro(right) and Mingel(left), who came from Argentina,  visited Yiwu Market in May. They mainly purchase kitchenware such as ceramic plate, stainless steel fork, knife and so on. Everytime they come with huge demand and back with satisfaction.


Taiwan customers

One of our Taiwan customers came to Yiwu and had a 4-day visit in the market. This customer is our old customer and we have been done businesses for more than two years.


India Customers

Sonu, Gergoe and his friends, three friendly India friends, were the first time came to our showroom.  “Visiting the showroom seems go shopping in a supermarket.” They said. 


May 7th, Against Eggs to Celebrate the Beginning of Summer


May 10th, Parent-Child Activity


May 10th, BBQ and Cycling around Dongqian Lake


May 11th, Closing to The Nature of Jiufeng Mountain


May 11th, the Documentary Dept. Go to Fish


May 17-18th, Union Chance Quater Travel


May 18th, the Editorial Team of Our Group Magazine Organized the One Day Tour on the Sea


May 22 th , Back To Chinese Calligraphy


May 24th, Baking course—“Miss Puffs of Union Vision”


May 23-25th, Union Source Held "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms"


May 24-25th, Outdoor Team-building Activity for the New Staff


May 28th, Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival




Our group and Chen Yongzhen Both Made the Municipal Government Recognition 


For more details, please look forward to the next Monthly Express.


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