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Our group was awarded “Foreign Trade Innovation Enterprise of the City” and the general manager from Union Source, Charly Chen, won the “Top Ten Foreign Trade Business Operators Of the City”.


To promote the communication and business cooperation among Sellers Union Group operations center in Ningbo, Yiwu, Shantou, to know the Shantou area toy export industry operation pattern, from May 29th to June 1st, the Sellers Union Group operations center in Ningbo and Yiwu, Sellers Union, Union Source, Union Vision, Union Chance, Union Deal and the support team, logistics document team, financial team, more than 40 people visited Shantou, and took this time to appreciate the beautiful scenery of "oasis" sea island of Nan'ao island.
With the leading of Shantou office leader, the team visited the two local large-scale and typical export toys exhibition halls: Sanlian exhibition hall and Yue xiang exhibition hall, to understand the  cooperation mode. In order to be more familiar with the local toy production enterprises, they also visited the suppliers such as “Small Ants Toys” , and watched the production process and production technology of plastic toys products.


During the visit to Shantou office, show room, warehouse, office area, the team took part in the communication seminars with Shantou office colleagues which was presided over by optimal scene director Han Ke from Union Vision. The two sides have carried out the full discussion about cooperation problems among three companies, such as how to build Shantou long-term development mechanism. Expedition line hope Shantou office colleagues to further develop supplier resources, develop more toys' designs, and offer more professional inspection, container and other services. Shantou office colleagues also said under the group's strongly support, they would continue to work hard and continuously improve service with entrepreneurial mindset, to provide more perfect toy products procurement services for the operations center in Ningbo, Yiwu companies.

The last day of the trip, the guide brought us to the beautiful sea oasis - island——Nan'ao island and set each other off there, beautiful landscapes. After visiting the treasure island and company commanders mansion, Expedition go to the sea to relax and play hard.


The communication further strengthen the friendship among Ningbo, Yiwu, Shantou colleagues ,promote the process of the information resources sharing and linkage of Wanda group, and provide a powerful impetus for the steady development of Shantou office.



Italian Banking Representatives Visit Our Group

On the June 26th afternoon, Italian bankers CASSA PADANA representing a line of four people, accompanied by the leadership of the high-tech zone foreign trade and economic cooperation bureau, came to our group for investigation and communication. Our group leaders Wang Caihong, Chen Yongzhen, Zhu ling received all with warm reception.


Hong Kong Lifeng Group Chief Representative and General Manager of South China,Lin Zhiying, To The Symposium

On 21 June morning, group company had a symposium in the 20th floor meeting room, honored to invite the foreign trade enterprise in one hundred - Hong Kong Lifeng group (li & fung, the mother company), south China chief representative, general manager Lin Zhiying attends the meeting, and with "LIfeng supply chain management and operations" as the theme to communicate with our discussion. The meeting was presided over by President Xu Pingju.


Our Group Hold The Cultural Diffusion

On the afternoon of June 19th, our group held the cultural diffusion communication to sum up the experience and make arrangement for the cultural diffusion work. in the second half of year. Assistant President Zhu ling, representatives of each subcompany, the group correspondent and the "sellers union magazine" editor, more than 30 people attended it.    


Our Group Participated in the Forum of Cross-Border Trade BBS E-Commerce Development


June 9th in the afternoon, sponsored by Zhejiang Province People's Government, Commerce Department of Zhejiang Province and Ningbo city People's Government to undertake the 2014 China (Ningbo) Cross-Border Trade E-commerce Development BBS in pan Pacific Hotel, as the "Two Sessions" exhibition series of activities, the only BBS activities, vice governor of Liang Liming attend BBS and welcome speech. Yang Guoxun, deputy director of the national informatization expert advisory committee, vice mayor HongJia Xiang attended. Domestic experts and scholars in the field of electronic commerce, the domestic famous electric business executives, and the transformation of the successful typical including my group company representative, etc.


Sellers Union Is Awarded “Zhejiang Famous Export Brand”
Recently, Sellers Union Co.,Ltd. is awarded by the Commerce Department of Zhejiang Province issued "Zhejiang Famous Export Brand", the title of honor is valid for 3 years.This is the first time that our group won this award, it is also the achievement to our many years of continuously improvement of service quality, and addict to the brand building.


The Communication Between Financial Product Operation Team And Our Group

In the morning of May 30th,Bank of China,Ningbo branch,Han Weiguo(Senior Manager) with his financial products professional operation team came to our company, to communicate and transfer financial settlement product knowledge of import and export business. The leaders and the corresponding financial people participated in the study and communication. After the visit of lieutenant general team from international department of city branch. On May 8th, they put forward special requirements in product seminar of international settlement according to our company.



American customer


Korea customers


Russian customers 


American customer and Hongkong customer


French customer


Japanese customer


Australia customers


Italy customers


Hongkong customers


Belgium customer


Chilean customers


On June 4th, Karaoke party

On June 7th, Being One Day Fisherman-- Finshing In the Sea Near Chunhu


On June 7th, Putuo 2 Days Tour

On June 8th, Hiking in Wugong Mountain


On June 10th, Basketball Match


On June 14th, Angling At Sea


On June 14th, Huizhou 2 Days Tour


On June 15th, Picking Yangmei

On June 17th, Qiandao Lake Two-day Tour

On June 20th, Passionate Samba Holiday Activity

On June 29th, Room Escape Activity 




Our Group Was Assessed To Be A-class Unit Which Heavy Contract, Keep Promise, The Quality Can Be Believe



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