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Among the export enterprises, our group ranked No. 13, compared to the same period of last year, advanced 12 place. And in all the import & export enterprises, our group rank improved from 48 to 26.



On the afternoon of July 17th, Sellers Union Group held supplier communication meeting in the 4th floor meeting room of Yiwu operation center. Group subsidiaries backbone business representatives, financial management, warehousing logistics department, other functional departments and more than 40 major suppliers representative participate in the meeting. President assistant Jim Yu hosted communication meeting.


Director of Union Vision Richard Han introduced our group operation situation in the first half year of 2014. This year our group was awarded "Foreign Trade Innovation Enterprise of the City”, "Export Famous Brand of the Province", "Defend the contract Heavy credit A grade Enterprise of the Province" and etc. The volume of import & export is more than 300 million dollars in the first half year 2014, with year-on-year growth of two digits. In the foreign trade situation complicated severe environment, our group business develops healthy and steady, which gave the suppliers much confidence and inspiration, all of them expressed to continue to strengthen cooperation with our company and achieve greater win-win cooperation.

In the meeting, for the difficult problems in the process of business cooperation and pertinent opinions which the supplier mentioned, the representatives of our company answered and responded patiently. In the cooperation mode, cooperate situation, documentary process, product inspection, warehousing services, financial payment, both sides have a frank discussion.

Vice-Director of Union Trade Allen Quan introduced our new foreign trade supply chain service content to the supplier. Many supplier friends expressed strong interest, and part of which expressed the intention of cooperation.


The Bonded Zone Vice Director Ye Wandang Visit Our Company

On July 4th afternoon, Ye Wandang deputy director of the Ningbo bonded zone, director Zhu Guangxu of the Economic Development Bureau, deputy director of the Zhu Jianjun line of five people visit our company. Sellers Union leaders Patrick Xu, Xie Feng warmly welcome them. Patrick Xu, general manager of the company, report the company management of the first half of the year!
Hearing the report, Ye appreciates our company’s outstanding contribution to the import and export trade economy to the bonded area.


Union Source Won The Ningbo Export Famous Brand

After the review of municipal export brand recognition committee, Union Source is recognized as the "2013 annual Ningbo export brand". This is another subsidiary company after Sellers Union that receives this honor. The honor is valid for three years. Selection conditions involving nearly three years export volume, enterprise quality management system certification, marketing and consumer recognition, scientific and technological innovation, intellectual property protection, globalization, social evaluation etc.  


Sellers Union Group Was Awarded As “Contract-Credit” A Grade Enterprise Of Zhejiang Province

Ningbo Bonded Zone Branch of Administration for Industry and Commerce dispatch that our group was awarded as “Contract-credit” A grade enterprises of Zhejiang Province. The term of validity is from 2014-2016.Credibility and integrity play a prominent role day by day in enterprise’s competition.  To be a “contract-credit” enterprise is intangible asset which is same as trade mark right and patent right belong to enterprises. This designation has important practical significance to establish a good corporate image, enhance the competitiveness and promote the rapid development of enterprises.


Sellers Union Group Held Competitive Employment Debriefing Sessions

On July 22 & 23, to make the promotion system public, just, fair, transparent, Sellers Union Group held competitive employment debriefing sessions for mid-year promotions in Ningbo and Yiwu. The Jury was composed by group directors. Special guest was composed vice-general manager and directors from branch companies. Total 48 promotions take the debriefing sessions. The sessions hosted by Serena Zhou, the manager of HR Department.


The Group Held The Second Quarter Meeting Of The Boards
In July 25th, the board directors held the second quarter meeting of 2014 in the headquarter office Ningbo. All executive directors participated in the meeting. The meeting invited Mr. Fang Yongqiang to attend the meeting; the meeting was presided by the chairman of the board Patrick Xu. The meeting informed group subsidiary performance, rapid group business growth in the first half 2014, the import and export volume keeping two digit percentage growth. The conference announced subsidiary costs, profitability, employee income, logistics warehousing operation etc, recommended that the sub companies and financial departments to further strengthen cost analysis, to control cost level.


Ningbo Federation of Industry and Commerce (chamber of Commerce) Held a Meeting of the Standing Committee

On July 29th afternoon, Ningbo Federation of industry and Commerce held the fourteen session of the third meeting of the Standing Committee, Yu Haida presided the meeting. The meeting first invited the Shanghai municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman, China Democratic National Construction Association of Shanghai City chairman Zhou Hanmin to make Shanghai FTA development advantage introduction. Mr. Zhou’s content was detailed, deep and powerful, won high praise from the participating entrepreneurs.

On July, our group received nearly 50 batches of international customers.  Here, they left a wonderful and unforgettable memories. The following is some photos when some customers visit

Hong Kong Customers


Georgia Customers


India Customers


India Customers


England Customers



Indonesia Customers

Australia Customer


Mexico Customers


USA Customers


On July 6th, Administration, HR Group Gathered in "Xiamen"

On July 6th, Partners Traveling Together

On July 10th, Summer Trip to Xiamen

On July 11th, Newcomer Thanksgiving Conference

On July 12th, New Employee Training For The First Time

On July 12th, Spend a Funny Summer

On July 17th, Vice President Share More Than 10 Years of Experience in Foreign Trade

On July 18th, The Award Ceremony of The Second Quarter

On July 19th, Improving Our Communication and Executive Force

On July 19th, Spontaneous Visit To Fujian Xiapu

On July 26th, Awards outstanding employees

On July 26th, Friendly Basketball Match


On July 27th, Trip To “Xiandu”





Sellers Union Group Registered Capital Increased to 200 Million Yuan



For more details, please look forward to the next Monthly Express. 



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